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Mission: To support the Wellbriety Movement and empower all people in recovery.

Wellbriety Movement Milestones
1994 to Present

  • National Gatherings

    1994: Gathering of the Elders (Janesville, WI) Dedication of the Sacred Hoop

    1995: Women's Leadership Gathering (Denver, CO)

    1996: Men's Gathering (Florissant, CO)


    Sacred Hoop Journeys

    1999: Healing the Nations- (visits to 32 Tribal Colleges)

    2000: Wiping of the Tears-3800 mile walk (Los Angeles to Washington DC)

    2002: Healing Native Women and Children (19 communities west of the Mississippi)

    2003: Healing Native Men and Children (17 communities east of the Mississippi

    2006: Sacred Hoop Journey to Sitka, AK, to support the raising of the Wellbriety Totem Pole

    2007: Sacred Hoop Journey to Montana-13 stops (tribes and prisons)

    2008: Sacred Hoop Journey to Minnesota-9 stops (tribes and prisons)

    2009: The Boarding School Journey of Forgiveness

  • Wellbriety Conferences

    1999: Strengthening Individuals
    (Colorado Springs, CO))

    2001: Strengthening our Families
    (Rapid City, SD)

    2002: Strengthening our Communities
    (Billings, MT)

    2003: Strengthening our Nations
    (Albuquerque, NM)

    2005: Healing the Hurts: The Grassroots Speak (Denver, CO)

    2006: Taking a Stand Against Meth: Recovery is Possible (Denver, CO)

    2006: Wellbriety in Motion-Youth, Families, Suicide Prevention (Denver, CO)

    2008: Healing the Hurts: Youth and Families Speak (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Wellbriety Initatives

    2002: Wellbriety for Youth (prevention & leadership development)

    2002: Wellbriety for Prisons (a recovery support system)

    2005: 100 Drums-Communities in Healing

    2007: Fatherhood Initiative

    2007: Wellbriety Indian Center of Colorado Springs

    2007: Wellbriety Indian Center of Colorado Springs

  • Wellbriety Training's, Books and Curriculum

    1990: Natural Path to Growth (personal development program)

    1993: Meditations with Native American Elders by Don Coyhis

    1993: The Healing Forest Program (culturally based community development program)

    1998: Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps for Men and For Women curriculum

    1999: Firestarter Certification Training (Peers helping Peers in Recovery)

    1999: Understanding Native American Culture: Insights for Recovery Professionals by Don Coyhis (book)

    2000: Wellbriety! Online Magazine became available

    2000: Daughters of Tradition: Prevention Curriculum for Girls ages 8-12

    2002: Sons of Tradition: Prevention Curriculum for Boys ages 13-17

    2002: Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps for Friends and Families

    2002: Red Road to Wellbriety: In the Native American Way (book)

    2003: Families of Tradition program

    2005: Warrior Down: Families in Recovery

    2005: Warrior Down: A Relapse Prevention Support Program

    2005: 2006: Alcohol Problems in Native America: The Untold Story of Resistance and Recovery: The Truth About the Lie by Don Coyhis and William White (book)

    2007: Fathers of Tradition: An Intergenerational Parenting Approach

    2007: Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps for Adolescent Boys and Girls program

    2008: Understanding the Purpose of Life: 12 Teachings for Native Youth by Don Coyhis (book)

    2009: The Wellbriety Movement Comes of Age

    2009: Women in Wellbriety

    2010: Mending Broken Hearts Trainings

    2011: Red Road Book Study Guide