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Mission: To support the Wellbriety Movement and empower all people in recovery.

Wellbriety Books and Products


    Red Road to Wellbriety

    FINALLY! A sobriety, recovery and wellness book especially for Native Americans, written by Native Americans! This new resource follows the teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel and 12 Step Tradition.

    From the book: "Time and again our Elders have said that the 12 Steps of AA are just the same as the principles." Read more...

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    Mediatations with Native American Elders:
    The Four Seasons

    The long-awaited Four Seasons edition of Meditations with Native American Elders by Don Coyhis, Founder and president of White Bison, Inc. Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons is a day-at-a-time book offering a quotation by a Native Elder at the top of each page in separate entries over an entire year. Read more...


    Understanding Native American Culture

    So many of our youth are not being told about the meaning and purpose of their lives. They are not being told what the purpose of a young warrior should be. This concise book (60pages) offers 12 Teachings to help our youth find meaning and purpose in life.




    The 12 Steps

    Wellbriety Movement 12 Step poster is available at Coyhis Publishing or print your own today!. Print 11X17...

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    The Four Laws of Change

    Wellbriety Movement The Four Laws poster is available at Coyhis Publishing or print your own today!.Print it!


    Wellbriety Traditions

    Wellbriety Traditions poster is available for download or order from Coyhis Publishing. Print 11X17...